Creating a Serene Living Room with Lilac and Lavender

Are you tired of the same old living room decor? Look no further than shades of lilac and lavender. These soft, pastel hues can instantly transform your living room into a relaxing oasis, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Lilac and lavender are versatile colours that can work well with a variety of decor styles. If you prefer a more traditional look, pair these shades with rich wood furniture and classic accents, like brass candlesticks or a vintage rug. For a more modern feel, try pairing lilac and lavender with sleek, minimalist furniture and abstract art.

Not sure where to start? Begin by painting an accent wall in a shade of lilac or lavender, then incorporate pops of the colour throughout the room. For example, add throw pillows in a complementary shade or drape a soft lavender throw over your sofa. You can even incorporate the colour into your curtains or area rug for a cohesive look.

living room paint

Don't be afraid to experiment with different shades and textures of lilac and lavender. For a more subdued look, choose pale lilac tones or pair lavender with shades of grey or cream. If you're feeling bold, go for a deeper shade of purple or pair lilac with bright, citrusy orange.

No matter how you choose to incorporate lilac and lavender into your living room, these calming colours are sure to create a serene and inviting space. 

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