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    How to draw colour inspirations for excellent painting ideas?

    Painting ideas with awesome colour selection can make any dull room or house look vibrant. To come up with any sort of eye-catchy painting ideas, finding the right colour inspiration can be the winning secret. Right wall painting ideas at the right spaces may make your house look extraordinary. If you as a homeowner or designer want your home interior and exterior to attract the attention of people, pick such painting ideas and colour inspirations that can make your room painting ideas come alive.

    Colours and painting ideas our walls wear not only set our mood but also influence our reactions and emotions. So, all wall painting ideas and room painting ideas should be created and implemented with a lot of caution while enduring that they communicate the purpose of design and décor. If you are on the mission of creating some creative yet easy painting ideas and completely stuck at point zero, here we are to help you build some colour inspirations and wall painting ideas. Also, you can ask the colour experts at Dulux to help you create amazing bedroom paint design in Pakistan and house paint color ideas in Pakistan.  

    Décor and design enthusiasts can read further to come up with some amazing easy painting ideas with the help of the following colour inspirations focusing on house paint color ideas in Pakistan.

    Have a look at the colour wheel for different house paint color ideas in Pakistan

    Though it’s not that easy to understand the colour wheel if you are a novice, it can suggest you few excellent combinations and contrasts to narrow down a long list of house paint color ideas in Pakistan. If you have a look at it, you can at least understand the basics of it. To further refine your choice, you can learn to create different combinations like monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triadic, rectangular and square.


    Understand the psychology of colours

    To incorporate any colour in your wall painting ideas or bedroom paint design in Pakistan, it is necessary to know the nature and temperature of colour because then only you will come to know if it fits your taste and personality or not. 



    Nature is one of the best and probably the first sources of inspiration for any design and easy painting ideas. It has the power to brighten up any bedroom paint design in Pakistan because the creativity of nature inspires us to have colourful life. There are so many things like sea, sky, mountains, flowers, sand, etc. which can be your source of creative and easy painting ideas. When you look around, you can see a lot of colours. So, why not look around draw our inspirations. A few of the best combinations inspired by nature are as follows:


    1. Dark and earthy tones

    These are the best room painting ideas to lift the dramatic flair of your design as this is an unexpected combination. If you use the saturated tones of bright and grey with orange or plum colour, it will enhance the entire combination.


    2. Greens and blues

    There is no doubt that nature provides the most amazing and interesting wall painting ideas and colour contrast. The fresh and lush green nature inspire us to adopt the cool and calm green in our painting ideas. All shades, tints, hues and tones of green look good with whites and greys. But if you are looking at creative and rich house painting ideas in Pakistan, never ignore blue. Blue is a colour that offers a lot of variety when it comes to house paint. Temperature and nature wise, it is a cool colour but renders amazing visual appeal with multiple hues and tints. It is one of the best painting ideas to incorporate in the living room as well as a bedroom as it set a relaxed and calm vibe in the space.

    Both the colours come in various hues and make a balanced combination to set the calm and cool mood in the house. Their eco-friendly equation makes them a subtle sophistication to maximize your painting ideas creativity without making them look dull and lifeless.


    3. Greens and browns

    It is a combination truly inspired by nature that creates an effortlessly clean and natural look. Green available in different hues, tints and shades in different corners, trims and walls brighten up the aesthetics of the house and brown on woods specially make it a winning combination with just picking two very basic colours to have a pleasing bedroom paint design in Pakistan.


    4. Go for bright hues

    Bright colours are the right fit for the spaces which lack natural light and are relatively cold places. Other than serving this purpose, bright shades are used to set a warm and welcoming effect in the personality of a home as they bring a vibrant twist and have a natural power of attracting a lot of attention.


    5. Birds and berries

    As we all know that nature has a lot to inspire all of us differently. Though it all depends on your interest but a painting or image or a live landscape with beautiful birds, trees, berries, and lakes can become a good source of home colour paint ideas.


    6. Autumn and spring

    Earthy colours and tones represent the autumn season-best. If you want to create rustic realness in your home, evoking earthy shades can do it by giving an authentic look to your home.

    If you want to create a happening colour palette, take the inspiration from the spring season as this is the time when mother nature blossoms the best wearing tons of colours and shades.

    If you still cannot rule out the complexities involved in picking the best bedroom paint design in Pakistan, reach Dulux experts for an amazing piece of advice in line with the latest trends.

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