Ultimate Guide for Roof Waterproofing

As the monsoon clouds gather, pour yourself a cup of chai and relax.

Ever heard the phrase, "Fix the roof when the sun is shining"? In a country like Pakistan, where we experience heavy monsoons and sizzling summers, the idea behind this saying becomes all the more important. With the unpredictable weather patterns, one thing should remain constant: the security and durability of our homes. And a significant part of that lies in the effective waterproofing of roofs.


Why Roof Waterproofing is Important?

The heart of every home, the roof, stands tall to protect us from the elements. Yet, over time, our roofs can become the most vulnerable part of our house, with water leakages causing untold damage. That’s where the magic of roof waterproofing comes in.


❐Longevity: Waterproofing ensures your roof remains in top condition for a longer period, fighting against decay and degradation.

❐Cost-Efficient: A minor leak can lead to significant repairs. Investing in roof waterproofing means you're actually saving money in the long run.

❐Enhanced Property Value: A home with a well-maintained, waterproofed roof can fetch a better market price.

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The Science Behind Waterproofing of Roofs

Waterproofing isn’t about merely blocking the water. It's about creating a barrier, a protective shield that doesn’t let moisture seep into the structure. The objective is twofold: preventing water ingress and ensuring the building remains robust and dry, regardless of the weather conditions.

For roof waterproofing to be effective, it must address multiple challenges:

❐Flexibility: The waterproofing solution should be elastic enough to handle the natural expansion and contraction of the building materials without cracking.

❐Durability: It should withstand the test of time, persistent rain, and the harsh sun.

❐Compatibility: The solution should bind seamlessly with various roofing materials, from concrete to tiles.


The Game-Changing Solution: Dulux Aquashield Waterproof Roofcoat

The quest for the ultimate roof waterproofing solution brings us to a revolutionary product: Dulux Aquashield Waterproof Roofcoat.

Here’s why this product stands out:

❐Easy Application: You don't need to be a painting pro. This roofcoat is user-friendly and straightforward to apply. Three coats are all you need. It’s not just about layering, but building a robust shield. Each coat contributes to forming a resilient barrier that stands as your roof’s first line of defence against unpredictable weather. The three-step application process is straightforward and effective, making sure that either it is heavy monsoon or intense heat, your home remains safe and water seepage-free.

❐Unbeatable Protection with HydroResist Technology: At the heart of the Dulux Aquashield Waterproof Roofcoat is the stellar HydroResist Technology. This groundbreaking tech ensures that an impenetrable tough film is formed over porous surfaces, effectively bridging cracks, and, most importantly, preventing water seepage. Your roof is safeguarded not just from water but also from carbonation and fungal attacks.

❐Flexibility with Elastomeric Properties: One of the common issues with paints and coatings is cracking due to the natural movements of a building. With its strong elastomeric properties, this roofcoat ensures flexibility, drastically reducing the chances of paint cracking.

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❐Compatible with Different Surfaces: Whether your roof is made of concrete, mosaic tiles, or china chips, this product’s Multi-Surface Adhesion ensures it binds flawlessly, giving you a smooth, durable finish.

❐Sun-reflect: The Sun-reflect feature in the Dulux Aquashield Waterproof Roofcoat doesn't just protect but also reduces the surface temperature. Your home remains cooler, adding to your comfort.

❐Dirt Pick-Up Resistance: A roof can gather a lot of dirt over time, especially during the dry seasons. The Dulux Aquashield Waterproof Roofcoat ensures that surfaces remain clean, maintaining the aesthetic of your home.

❐Durable: Investing time and resources into waterproofing your roof shouldn't be a frequent affair. Dulux's Aquashield is not just about instant protection, it's about durable protection. With its long-lasting formula, rest easy knowing your roof's shield against water is durable.


Steps to Ensure Effective Roof Waterproofing

Roof waterproofing might sound complicated, but with the right product and steps, it can be a breeze. Let us walk you through a simple guide for effectively waterproofing your roof with Dulux Aquashield Waterproof Roofcoat.

1. Prepping the Surface:

❐Wait on Fresh Plaster: If your roof has been recently plastered, give it at least 28 days to dry and cure.

❐Clean Thoroughly: Brush away any dirt, chalk, grease, or moss with a stiff brush. For stubborn dirt, water jetting might be needed.

❐Remove Old Coatings: Got an old bituminous coating? It's best to scrape that off.

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❐Fix the Cracks: If there are dents or cracks, fill them using a simple mixture of cement and sand (1:3 ratio). Avoid using putty.

❐Ensure a Slope: A uniform slope helps in better water runoff.

❐Fungal Issues? If there's a lot of fungus or algae, consider applying Dulux Aquashield Pre-Treatment coat.


2. Application:

❐Prime First: Mix the Dulux Aquashield Waterproof Roofcoat with water (up to 30%) and apply this diluted mixture as a priming coat.

❐First Coat: Once the primer is dry, brush on the first undiluted coat. Wait for 5-6 hours.

❐Second Coat: Apply the second coat in a direction perpendicular to the first. This means if you brushed the first coat left-to-right, go top-to-bottom for the second.

❐Check the Thickness: The coating's thickness is key for effective waterproofing. If it's too thin, consider an additional coat.

Let it Settle: After application, give it 7 days to fully cure.


3. Special Considerations:

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❐Don't Miss the Spots: Areas with joints or water spouts need extra care. Ensure they're well-coated to prevent water seepage.

❐Thickness Matters: Aim for a dry film thickness of 600-800 micrometres for best results.


4. Maintenance:

❐Gentle Cleaning: Every few months, clean the roof gently to remove accumulated dust. Avoid using hard brushes or sharp objects.

❐Adhesion Checks: After a year, check if the coat is still sticking properly. If there's an issue, it's time for a touch-up.

❐Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Strong bleaching agents or acids can damage the coat, so it's best to avoid them.

❐Proper Water Runoff: Ensure overflow pipes are grounded properly for efficient water runoff.

Note:  Do not apply Dulux Aquashield Waterproof Roofcoat during monsoon. 

So, Why Choose Dulux Aquashield Waterproof Roofcoat?

This product isn’t just about technology, it’s about peace of mind. Every time it rains, you can relax, knowing your home is protected by a durable, flexible barrier that prevents water seepage, resists dirt pick-up, and ensures your home looks fresh for longer.

So, as the monsoon clouds gather, pour yourself a cup of chai, sit back, and relax. Your home, with its sturdy shield, is ready for anything.

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