Paint colors inspiring the designers for decades

Paint colors inspiring the designers for decades 

For newbies who are taking their home painting task on their hands for the first time, getting apt painting ideas and choosing the right colour strip may be a difficult decision to make. They may not be sure if they should choose a mood-boosting tone or calm paint colors. They are not sure if they need to paint an accent wall in dark tones or light paint colors? As we understand your position, so bringing few failproof painting ideas for your help.   



The plum tone pain colors on the headboard and the opposite wall with white on sidewalls can bring a calm and stylish personality to your home. To make it more accentuated, pair the pattern with brown tiled flooring, white ceiling and grey linens. To set a more dominating earthy and mudroom effect, place the wicker baskets and décor in the corners or at the suited nooks. 


Dutch Blue

Ignoring any specific colour may be a bad idea especially when you are not sure how wonderful it may look on your walls and home spaces. Dutch blue is one such colour which not only enjoys daylight but also night lights. It is a perfect tone to be in a fun space in the day and cosy and intimate evenings at night.


Ultra-Light Mint

Few fresh coats of the lightest tones of mint green can bring freshness to your home and completely transform the overall look and personality of your house. To balance the delicacy and modesty of the space and bring strong character and warmth, you can have a bricked accent wall, railing and trims in white with a few designer pieces and décor in brown.    



This is probably not so usual but an appealing combination for the walls of your room. This unusual combination offers you an opportunity to be a little unconventional and break stereotypes. Earthy or putty coloured grey with light hues of brown, lavender, and pink can create an inspirational combination for you. This is somewhat a bold and playful choice which you can complement with random placement of colourful artwork, figurine, and organized seating.



If you want to go for a colour that has not so high intensity but is a bold shade, violet is the right choice. It is an impactful shade and has a lasting impression. The richness of colour has so good visual appeal that the single colour in the background is enough to bring a luxury feel without introducing any pattern or having wallpaper. This classic and chic shade pairs nicely with buttercream or off-white or glossy grey. 

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