Interior Paint FAQs

Interior Paint FAQs

1. Why use Dulux Paint for interior wall paint?

Dulux interior wall paint brings to your home a blend of quality, durability, and style that stands the test of time. With features like stain resistance, easy washability, and enhanced durability, our paints ensure your walls look freshly painted for longer. Plus, we're committed to your health and the environment, offering low VOC and eco-friendly options to keep your indoor air quality as clean as possible.

Here's a closer look at what we offer:

  • Dulux EasyCare: A top choice for active homes, this paint comes with KidProof+ Technology, making it resistant to stains and very easy to clean. It’s also packed with Anti-bacterial and Silver Ion Technology, offering extra protection against bacteria and certain viruses, keeping your home safer and healthier.

  • Dulux Pentalite Classic: This paint promises superior coverage and opacity, thanks to our advanced ProCover+ Technology. It’s designed to keep your walls looking their best with ColourGuard Technology, ensuring colours stay vibrant and the finish lasts longer.
  • Dulux Ambiance Velvet Touch: Elevate your interior with the luxurious finish of Dulux Velvet Touch. This ultra-luxurious, water-based emulsion provides a smooth velvet texture, giving your walls a sophisticated look. It's the perfect blend of premium quality and elegance for your home.



2. How to choose colour combinations for interior house walls?


  1. Start with a Mood: Think about how you want each room to feel. Warm colours like reds and oranges create a cosy atmosphere, while cool colours like blues and greens bring calmness.

  2. Consider the Space: Look at the size and natural light in your room. Light colours can make small rooms feel bigger and brighter, while dark colours add depth and sophistication to larger spaces.

  3. Get Inspired: Use magazines, websites, or places you've visited as inspiration. Notice which colour combinations catch your eye and how they make you feel.

  4. Use the Colour Wheel: It's a great tool to understand which colours complement each other. Opposite colours on the wheel contrast nicely, while colours next to each other harmonize well.

  5. Test Your Choices: Before committing, test paint samples on your walls. Observe how the colours look at different times of the day and under various lighting conditions.


To help you visualize how colours will look on your interior house wall, the Dulux Visualizer app is an amazing tool. It allows you to see your walls in countless colours and combinations, making it easier to find the perfect palette for your home.



3. Can the exterior and interior paint be used as same?

No, exterior and interior paint should not be used interchangeably. While both types of paint might seem similar at first glance, they're formulated differently to meet the specific needs of either outdoor or indoor environments.

Interior paint is designed to be safe for your indoor air quality, with lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to ensure it doesn't harm your health. It's also made to resist staining and to be cleaned easily, making it perfect for interior living spaces where you don’t need to worry about the effects of weather. For instance, Dulux EasyCare is a great interior option that provides durability against stains and has added benefits like anti-bacterial properties, ideal for maintaining beautiful and healthy walls inside your home.

On the other hand, exterior paint is created to withstand the harsh conditions outside, like UV rays from the sun, rain, wind, and temperature changes. It's tougher and usually has additives to resist fading, mildew, and moisture, which are not necessary for interior paints.

Using exterior paint inside can pose health risks due to higher VOC levels, and it may not provide the smooth finish or easy clean-up you'd want for your interior walls. Similarly, using interior paint on the outside of your house won't give you the durability or protection against weather that exterior paint offers.



4. How many types of Dulux gloss finish wood paints are there?

Dulux offers a variety of gloss finish paints for wood, providing high-quality options for enhancing and protecting interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces. Among these options, there are two standout products known for their durability and superb finish.

  • Firstly, Dulux Gloss Enamel is a top choice for those seeking a solvent-based super gloss finish. This product is perfect for all types of wood and metal surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. One of its key features is its non-yellowing formula, which ensures a smooth, mirror-like finish that remains vibrant over time. Its excellent durability, combined with better flow and coverage, makes it a reliable option for achieving a high-quality finish on your wood and metal projects.

  • Secondly, the Dulux Promise Gloss Enamel offers a unique solution with its Chromabrite technology, ensuring long-lasting, beautiful bright colours. This high-quality enamel paint is recommended for wood, metal, and trim surfaces, providing a glossy finish that retains its brightness and vibrancy. With features like improved drying times and high gloss retention, it's an ideal choice for those looking for a durable and aesthetically pleasing gloss finish.



5. How much does it cost to paint the interior of a house?

The cost to paint the interior of a house can vary widely based on several factors, including the size of your home, the quality of paint used, and whether you decide to DIY or hire professionals.

To get a clearer idea of what your project might cost, especially if you're thinking about using Dulux Paint, there's a really handy tool you can use: the Dulux Paint Calculator. This tool takes into account the dimensions of your rooms and the number of coats you plan to apply, providing you with an estimate of how much paint you'll need and, consequently, an idea of the cost based on Dulux paint prices.

Using the Dulux Paint Calculator not only helps you budget more accurately for your interior house cost, but it also makes sure you get just the right amount of paint, so there's no waste.

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