waterproofing paint for roof

Why a Waterproofing Paint for Roof Should Not be Ignored?

Why have the protection of waterproofing paint for the roof?

Waterproofing refers to making a surface water-resistant by the treatment of the surface. It is a process in which water passage under hydrostatic pressure is prevented. Because of the geographical conditions, it is necessary that you provide the protection of waterproof paint in Pakistan.  

Waterproofing paint for roof creates a membrane between the paint and the concrete surface which doesn’t let the water ingress into the concrete surface as it is made up of water-resistant materials such as bitumen, TVC, etc. that work as a barrier to water penetration. In this way, it protects the structure.

Waterproofing paint for roof and Waterproof paint in Pakistan for walls is necessary not only for residential but industrial and commercial buildings too as they are exposed to extreme external elements which can damage the structure significantly.  So, the need for a proper waterproofing system against unwanted water intrusion to safeguard your property and goods cannot be ignored.

To get an idea of why waterproof paint in Pakistan is a must and what damage water intrusion can do, here is the list of problems you may be facing if you don’t use waterproofing paint for roof or you need to have an immediate Waterproof paint in Pakistan as a solution. 

1. Damaged and broken roof tiles or sheets
Water leakage can be a source of damaged roof sheets and broken roof tiles or vice-versa.  To ensure that they work well, give them the protection of a waterproofing paint for roof. If they are not placed well or unorganized or broken and damaged, get them replaced or repaired. 

2. Roof flashing issues
To provide a water-resistant barrier, flashings are installed on the roof joints which are pieces of metals. Due to exposure to the weather, they may be corroded and depleted over time. And in this case, they will impact the water-resisting capacity of the surface if not replaced at the very instant when they need to be replaced or repaired. 

3. Depleted or degraded waterproof membranes
Damaged or substandard waterproofing substrates may be one of the most common causes of roof leakage. As they will not be providing a barrier to the water intrusion and penetration due to their wear out over time. To form a necessary waterproofing barrier, a fresh coat of waterproofing solutions will have to be applied as few crakes and pores may not be noticeable but will be there, and that is enough to cause leakage issues and damages. To tackle such issues, take a note of if there is water pooling in the basement or on the lower floors, water stains on walls and ceilings, wet or moist floors, etc.