How a Right Wall Painting Colour Can Add Spark to Your Walls?

How a Right Wall Painting Colour Can Add Spark to Your Walls?

Different painting ideas and combinations of paint colors can help in creating a unique look and feel in the room. For every corner choose a colour scheme which complements all painting ideas of the a colour scheme in day as well as artificial light. Choosing paint colors may not be a difficult task for many of us, but making different combinations which can go well on each wall is a real struggle if you don’t know the nature and psychology of colors. If you are one of them who is land up in a complex situation and unable to understand how to align the frequency of two different shades, read the entire article to know the best paint colors.   

Dark green with gold accents

If this is a repainting job, make sure to choose such colors which can complement the décor and stuff already available in the room if you are not planning to change it.  But if it is a fresh and dream home project, use the two different characteristics of two different hues of the colour palette. Create an accent wall in dark green and neutral shades on all the remaining walls with gold accents at brims and engraved designs to create an attractive look.   

Blue/purple with neutrals

Blue is a cool and calm color whereas purple is a colour which makes your wall like a canvas where you can pour all your imaginary painting ideas into reality. Blue induces a calm and heavenly feel which work well in bedrooms and purple is a shade which tend to reflect creativity, wealth and luxury, so you can use it at any spot in the house. With either of the two, choose off-white or gray in contrast to have stimulating and aesthetic appeal.  

Brown/red with white

Though bold red is a good choice for office spaces, but its dark and deep shades with white create a perfect combination for living room walls also. And for the spaces which are exposed to bright natural light, brown goes well if you want a colour other than red. Brown also looks graceful with white. To add more richness to the space, you can create a textured look as well with designer elements, artworks, and woodwork.

Neutral with wood decor

For a coherent and connected feeling, you can use one colour multiple times in different object and elements along with accent walls. Create an accent wall with wood strips covering floor to ceiling space with embedded white light. And use the neutral on other walls and decorate them with wooden frames and figurines. Use dark tone of woods on the smaller objects and pieces and dark on big objects or panels and place them in a synchronized order to get the coherent look.  

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