Room painting ideas that offer the foremost curb appeal

Room painting ideas that offer the foremost curb appeal

You don't need a degree to get the room paint design or think of room painting ideas like a designer. You can be as experimental as you want with your choices. If you are looking for a little help or suggestion to get designer like room painting ideas before taking your room paint design on hand, we will help you by choosing the right room paint design and colour palette which is eye-catching, earthy, unique, yet versatile to perfecting the method.

To make your room painting ideas look smooth and fine, prepare the surface first and don’t forget to give it two or more coats of primer before applying any colour coats.  Once the surface is dried completely, it’s time to roll the roller. To get an idea, you can refer to the following colour schemes:


Pale corals

Do you have any doubt that a soft rose like shade is not going to add charm and elegance to your house with white walls? If you get more inclined towards lightweight and light colours, the entire stripe of pale coral maybe your favourite as it looks super amazing on any kind of house architecture. 


Navy Blue

Navy blue is one such neutral colour that is not only eye-catchy but versatile too. It is a great option for houses that are exposed to too many natural or artificial lights as the colour tends to absorb the intensity of the light which helps in creating a calm and cosy space if painted on walls, doors, and windows. 


Pale yellows

A bright shade of sunny yellow is unmatchable if you are looking for a colour which not only looks cheerful but makes the home inviting and friendly. But before choosing this colour on the walls, make sure to paint 3-4 coats of primer and then a white base for yellow for a smooth finish. Keep the rest of the walls and woods either in the lighter shade of the same colour or off white.


Moody greens

Dark tones can never go out of the style due to their direct and bold impact. Dark green which looks almost black is the perfect colour for your accent wall if you want it to make a dramatic statement irrespective of the type of interior you choose as décor.  


Earthy Reds

If you are looking for a mixed tone colour palette with submissive tendency, earthy reds can be the best deals on hands. For example, red or brown brick shades, terra-cotta shades are few choices that are great for having a warm and welcoming vibe in the house.   

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