Bedroom paint ideas to upgrade your bedroom interior design

Bedroom paint ideas to upgrade your bedroom interior design 

As we know each colour has a personality and effects and it’s no more a secret that colours can change the style quotient of any living space, why stay behind if we have some exceptional bedroom interior design and bedroom paint ideas.

The bedroom is one such space in the house where we want to have the best sleep and relaxation time along with energetic and inspirational mornings to wake up and head to work. So, it is required to choose a shade that can introduce calm and soothing vibes at night for good sleep and energetic vibes in the daylight. Though it may sound like a little tricky bedroom interior design idea but it’s easy to achieve. 

Irrespective of which shade you are looking for, here a few beautiful bedroom paint ideas are given for your reference:



If your bedroom has arched and coffered architecture, airy ivory on the walls and white on the ceiling is going to give it a light and delicate look. To complement the look, just use the shades of ivory and white on the windows, furniture, and furnishings. However, for a little more artistic look, use leaves’ patterns on walls and curtains and sheets.  


Chalky Gray

Splash the tones of the chalk grey on the walls to cover them and doll up them with wooden frames and painting to enhance the aesthetic appeal of paint colour. To accentuate the aura of the bedroom interior design, have beautiful rugs, cushions and throws on the modern style bed. 


Sky Blue

Sky blue is a very beautiful and subtle shade for bedrooms. It embraces the serenity and vastness of the sky if painted in combination with white or light grey shades and always leaves a scope to you to embrace more calmness and fluidity in the space with each item you wish to put to décor the room. This shade in the background allows your craftwork and luxe textiles to shine and reflect at their best.



White brings glamour if paired rightly with gold or copper or silver. It lends a beautiful landscape to highlight the detailing of the room.  At the place of glamorous white, you can also go for snow white. White being the submissive shade allows you to be as experimental as you want with the décor, lights, woods, and furnishings.  


Polished Powder Blue

If you can execute the idea completely right, you can have a dream bedroom in minimum effort and time. Powder blue and its shades are such a colour that can create a tranquil, sophisticated, and minimalist look when applied on walls, headboards, and trims. The look gets one step up if you choose to have the same colour curtains and bed wood.

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