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Tricks of the trade to have a great interior design and home decor

Your home is probably your biggest asset so you would never want it to look dull, boring and colourless. Entire interior design and home decor is a crucial part of any house painting job. But is it that easy to create and execute excellent interior design ideas as the Dulux paint designers do? Dulux paint designers are a pro at making all interior design and home decor projects look easy. But it is more challenging than you can think of.

So here are a few tricks of the trade that you can learn from Dulux paint experts to carry out your interior design ideas like professional designers if you cannot afford a designer for your interior design and home decor. But if this is your first DIY painting job, better would be, hire a professional to avoid paint disaster as in that case you have to redo all the painting, interior design and home decor work from scratch, it will cost you double.

Home decor may be fun but painting is not for sure. Badly executed interior design ideas and home decor paints are going to ruin the entire look of your beautifully built structure. If you are still sure to take care of your home painting, interior design and home decor project all by yourself, read the following complied tips advised by Dulux paint experts as these can be a big-time help in executing a successful house painting and home decor project. 

1. Don’t think home decor and choosing the right paint in Pakistan is easy

You are mistaken if you are presuming that interior design, home decor and paint in Pakistan is going to be easy for you. If this was the case, there wouldn’t be any home decor and design experts. The interior design challenge doesn’t just start with picking a perfect colour scheme but with the paint and decor perfectly. If you are sure that you get to know all about home decor and design inspirations and it will be possible for you to put a name to your home aesthetic, you can keep your home designing project wheels moving. Otherwise, it’s not your cup of tea, so better to leave all the hard work to the experts as they can do it in no time without leaving any scope of redoing it with improved and lasting results.


2. Preparation is crucial

No paint job and interior design ideas can be executed properly without prior preparation, so it is a very important part of any home decor project. If you spent a fair amount of time on preparation before taking up a painting job, more than 60 per cent of your work will be sorted and your remaining house paint in Pakistan and decor will be executed easily without any mess.

Here preparation means preparing the paint surfaces like walls, woods metals and moulds before opening the paint can. Because if you are going to paint on a porous surface or a surface with scrapped plaster, cement and putty, even the superior quality paint won’t work to render a superior finish. So, mend any kind of wear and tear first then apply primer on it so that it can provide better adhesion to the topcoats of paints and you get the uniform distribution of paint with a superior finish.


3. Never compromise on quality

Though this is true for paint products but not only the paint quality, the quality of painting tools like rollers and brushes also matters a lot to get the smooth finish in any kind of interior design. There are thousands of paint companies offering a different type of paint products. But it is always safe to trust credible brands like Dulux to buy your paint types as they offer superior quality paints only. Otherwise, in an attempt to save a few bucks, you may end up spending much more in the next few months, if you compromise on quality for cost. Think quality in all aspects if you want to get the finish like professional painters and designers.


4. Start with edges

A pro painter will always start the painting job with edges under windows, doors or windows and doors frames, trims, nooks and corners first before painting ceilings and walls as they need precise strokes of paints. This will make your paint job not only easy but also produce clean and fast results. Also, cover the frames and trims with masking tape to save them from paint spills and drips. Use a cotton cloth or rosin paper on the lamps and floor to protect them from paint drips and always start painting the walls from top to bottom for uniform paint distribution on the wall.


5. Do it like a pro?

If you are serious about your house painting job and want to do it without leaving any scope for redoing and mending the mess, think and act like a pro. Dress in old clothes, take care of your eyes and hands, wear the right shoe type, collect all the furniture and items in the centre if you cannot move them at any safe place, protect floor areas from drips and spills which are not to be painted, keep all the necessary tools and paint cans at the length of an arm to access them quickly. Wash, clean and dry all painting tools properly after the paint job is done for the day. Make sure that you are comfortable with heights, ladders or scaffolding especially when you are painting external surfaces.

If you still feel that you are good to go all by yourself cheers! Otherwise, Dulux paint consultants are always there to help you in paint in Pakistan needs with interior design and decor.

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