Refreshing blue with soothing grey creates a calm bathroom.

Here's a thought. The bathroom is typically the first and last room we visit each day. It's where we prepare ourselves for the day ahead and wind down when the day is done. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this special space could echo calmness and comfort through its colours?

If you’ve nodded along, or even if you haven’t, consider this - a bathroom painted with shades of blue and grey. Blue, with its soothing vibes, makes you think of the sky and the sea. And grey? It’s the quiet, stylish hero that pulls everything together with its understated elegance.

But let's stop talking in the abstract. Here are some neat bathroom colour ideas for you, focusing on the duo of blue and grey. Simple, timeless, and effortlessly classy, these ideas are easy to execute and will surely turn your bathroom into a space you absolutely adore. 

Bathroom walls

Water Oasis

Idea: Aqua blue and soft grey gives a calming, water-like feel.

How: Painting walls in aqua blue feels like flowing water. Soft grey brings a calming balance. Add plants and aqua and grey items to finish the calming oasis look.


Scandinavian Spa

Idea: This style makes your bathroom feel like a calm, clean spa.

How: Use light grey on the walls with soft blue touches here and there. Wooden items, white towels, and simple metal fixtures complete the spa-like feeling.

Bathroom wall colour

Vintage Vibes

Idea: This old-school look brings a timeless, comfortable feel.

How: Use grey tiles and bright turquoise or teal  for a lively look. Adding chrome finishes and classic porcelain elements will give a nostalgic, cosy feeling.


Eclectic Elegance

Idea: Mixing styles gives a unique, personal look.

How: Dark grey and bright blue together create a striking look. Combine old mirrors with modern lights, and use bold patterns on the floor or towels for a special, stylish bathroom.


Art Deco Glamour

Idea: This style is fancy and timeless.

How: Use dark grey and rich blue with gold or brass fixtures. Tiles with Art Deco patterns bring elegance, making your bathroom glamorous and classic.

Bathroom wall paint

Urban Sanctuary

Idea: This modern style makes a cool, current bathroom space.

How: Dark grey with icy or powder blue creates a sleek, contemporary look. Add modern furniture like floating vanities and frameless mirrors, and use black fixtures for a chic finish.


Timeless Traditional

Idea: This elegant style is always in fashion.

How: Mix slate grey with colonial blue. Using classic tiles and sinks with detailed mouldings gives an elegant, timeless look.

With these simple and easy bathroom colour ideas, your bathroom can be a calm, enjoyable space. Pick your favourite theme, use blue and grey, and make your bathroom peaceful and beautiful. Whether it’s vintage or modern, blue and grey work great to make your bathroom relaxing and lovely.

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