Pair burgundy and mint for a fresh kitchen look

Burgundy and mint make a perfect pairing for a timeless kitchen colour scheme.

Create contrast

For a fresh twist on a classic combination, why not try pairing deep, dark burgundy with cool, refreshing mint green? A match made in heaven, these contrasting colours play off against each other beautifully, creating an ageless yet modern look that works in almost every interior space, especially living areas like kitchens and dining rooms.

Perfect balance

When you’re using contrasting colours such as these, it’s best to let your two headline colours be the centre of attention and keep the rest of the decoration in the room minimal and understated. Tone down the bright hues by choosing cabinetry and benchtops in crisp cool neutrals, such as white, ivory or slate grey. Golden maple wood furnishings and touches of lush greenery keep this colour scheme looking fresh and timeless.

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