See, Share, Paint: Introducing the new Dulux Visualizer

The new and enhanced features of Dulux Visualizer App allow you to find the right colour palette for your home, and make the process more social at the same time. See, Share and Paint!

The right color can transform your home and how you feel, which is why we’ve made choosing the ideal color easier, and more fun, than ever with the new Dulux Visualizer app. Equipped with enhanced color picker, real-time and panoramic video visualization and enriched social media sharing, the new Dulux Visualizer App allows you to find the right colour palette for your home, and makes the process more social at the same time. See, Share, Paint.



Our brand-new app allows you to play with hundreds of colours and see your walls transform live on screen, so you can experiment and be sure to find your perfect palette.

Once you’ve downloaded the free app to your iPhone or Android device, scan it around the room you’d like to decorate and either use live mode to see instant transformations, or save it as an image or video. Simply tap the screen where you want to paint, and try out different colours to see how your room could look.

With the ingenious Colour Picker technology, you can take inspiration from the world around you. It could be anything, from a colour-pop cushion to a favourite painting. Once you’ve found a colour you love, the app will capture it and find an instant match that you can see live on your walls. The possibilities are endless!

Home screen
Home screen


If you’re finding it difficult to narrow down your colour choice, why not save your ideas and share them with family and friends? It’s quick and easy to do, and they can even have a go themselves and send back colour suggestions, as unique as they are. Or, if you’re looking for a professional opinion, you can share your room ideas with an expert for one-to-one colour advice.

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Once you’ve found your perfect colour match, the new Dulux Visualizer makes sure that getting started couldn’t be easier. You can buy your paint or find a store, all through the app, so you’ll be turning your visions into reality in no time.

At Dulux we believe that colour can trigger powerful emotions, so it’s important that you feel happy and confident when deciding on a colour scheme for your walls. It’s also a great opportunity to have some fun!

Download the new Dulux Visualizer now and enjoy a world of colour at your fingertips!

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