House Painting Trends

House Painting Trends You’re Going to See in 2022


Few fresh strokes of house paint colors can bring a refreshing feel and neoteric look. If you are up to giving a makeover to your house or any house painting thought is in your mind but really don’t know the latest and trending shades, keep reading as here many house paint colors are discussed for designated places like bedrooms, kitchen, and living room. 

1. For bedrooms

With green, you can give a dreamy makeover to your bedroom and house painting. The effect of green colour is very calm and cool so this house paint can be best for grown-up as well as kid’s rooms. 

White is also a great choice if you want a fresh, soft, relaxing, and invigorating colour. It can be said an adaptable house paint colour as it does not only blend well with the foreground and décor of the room but also makes natural adjustments according to the day and night light. White is a light and airy house paint colour which leaves a lot of scopes for you to play with bedroom interior design patterns. 

Pink is not only for barbies and young girls. It can give a stunning look to any bedroom. Pink is a relaxing and romantic colour and make your room look organized and clutter-free so grown-up kids and couples can also have it in their rooms. And also, it is easy to choose linens and drapes for pink shade.

2. For the kitchen 

The kitchen should have dark colours because it is a little difficult to maintain light shades in the kitchen. The kitchen is one such place which is the busiest space as it stays occupied for the longest of duration. Since food preparation takes a lot of time and different ingredients so it is obvious that your kitchen will get dirty and stained. To make sure that dirt, dust, and stains are easy to remove, choose the right paint type and try to incorporate more dark shades than light on the frequently accessible areas such as cabinets. The best colours for the kitchen are dark blue, deep green, mustard/marigold yellow with black, purple, pale green, dark navy, marine blue, matte black, crimson, midnight blue, dark gray, dark gray-green, etc.

3. For living room

Get some inspiration from mother nature to have an inviting and grounded character of the house. For example, you can go with sky blue, ocean blue, terracotta, forest green, olive green, khaki green, lime green, mint green, sea green, wine red, lavender, sunny yellow as your house paint colors as these colours with white to gray will give personality and dimension to the living space. To add richness and warmth, you can introduce textures to the house painting, décor, and furnishings. 

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