Contemporary Wall Painting Ideas Defining Latest Trends

Contemporary Wall Painting Ideas Defining Latest Trends

Wall painting design and wall painting colors poured on walls and ceilings enable a room to change its look and aura. Light wall painting design and shades make the room look big and open whereas dark wall painting tones make it look cosy and small. A room exposed to good natural light will make even darker tones crisp and bright and if the space is a little dark, use a bright wall painting colors on the walls as dark shades will make it gloomier and deeper. 

To make the entire house’s wall painting design synchronized and connected, use one color scheme for all rooms while keeping the shades in different intensities on different walls. The best hack suggested by designers which complement the room well is, to make a palette consist of three different color tones i.e., dark, medium, and light.   

Colors for living room

The living room is the heart of the home so it should be a positive and energetic place with warm energies to welcome each individual. For that purpose, red is one of the best colors among dark hues as psychologically, it is the most stimulating color which infuses excitement and energy in the environment. 

The next best colors for living space may be brown or orange. Brown brings a feel of comfort, simplicity, security, and contentment whereas orange symbolizes warmth, vibrance, and enthusiasm. To create the accent wall, you can pick any of the dark shade and blend it with white or off-white or gray to balance the dark tone’s effect. 

Kitchen and dining in contrast

Though people tend to keep the kitchen theme dark but if you want to have an elegant look of your kitchen, you can play well with the bright colors, but it asks for attention to maintain that elegance. However, to balance the look and make it look clean and shiny also, use the combination in contrast in glossy texture.    

Bedroom in neutral and bright 

Bedrooms should have calm and cozy colors and for that gray becomes a natural choice with any color of the palette. One of the most radiating and rich color is silver. It brings the feeling of wealth, richness, and luxury when blend with deep green, blue, black-gray, and other dark hues. 

Silver represents money, prosperity and wealth. Accenting rooms with the silver color can create a feeling of luxury and richness.